Get an overview of the current state of the technology sector, and learn about strong tech stocks that investors should consider ... Ask the average Indian what he wants from his investments and the answer would probably be, ’stable returns’. This is why bank fixed deposits and small savings schemes are so popular while stocks account for less than 5% of total household wealth. Individuals stay away from stocks because it’s a volatile asset class. But take a closer look and you will find that some companies have given steady income to investors. They have consistently given back a significant chunk of their net profits...By Dr Vikas V Gupta Independence Day can also be a time to reflect on your own financial independence. It has been more than a year since the new government has taken over. The stock markets had gone euphoric around the time the new government took over. However, the last one year returns are in single digits. It is time the markets are consolidating and are feeling a little bit uncertain. Uncertainty is the friend of the value investor. Economic fundamentals continue online investment. 66731