hi, everybody it’s great to do photos sharing with my friends. that make me feel that am socially. it is my opinion, write articles with public, and of course enjoying blogs and games. the investment make money, waiting for yours. rewrite me, don’t disappoint me. in our life the real friend must be better than your brother. because friendship must be like this. that you can tell to your friend you can’t tell to your brother because respect, don’t you!! for example; me i have a great friend better than all of my brothers, every time with him, spending time in playing, laughing, dog adventures, doing sports activity... we work to far from our town, going home in plane, visiting others countries, traveling, all things together. that make me feel brothers. this month we went to go home together, we have projects and great programs in this summer, we went to spend days in beach, going to night club... every time we go home we buy new clothes like lacoste, eden park, nike tn... Spend money in many things, But we spend a lovely time together. thanks for my life 53773