pysfoft it is a good site . he write about the webcam and his outile . we can tak that site in a top 10 of best sites. in this site hi tolk about web cams webcam software, for surveillance and security systems, performs simultaneous recording and broadcasting from this. With this web camera software you can watch your cameras remotely using any Internet browser. Cam work as stealth webcam recorder. Produces MPEG-4 video DVR software provides scheduled, continuous or activated upon motion detection video recording. You can monitor unlimited number of cameras, through Internet or on-site. When our surveillance software detects motion in the monitored area, it sounds alarm, e-mails captured images, or records video. This is security surveillance IP camera software. It has features to place image overlays and date/time stamps, adjust picture size / quality, and Pan/Tilt/Zoom control. DVR program for security cameras, supports. simultaneous camera viewing formats so this it is best site

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